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24 September 2014

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The apparition in the mirror at The Red Lion
An apparition caught on camera

PSI Ghostwatch Report: The Red Lion 01/10/04

Dave Wood (PSI)
Swindon ghosthunting team Paranormal Site Investigators recently staked out The Red Lion pub at Avebury in their search for supernatural phenomena. Read the report.

The Red Lion, set inside the ancient stone circle in the Wiltshire village of Avebury is reputed to be one of the most haunted Pubs in the south west.

The presence of a spirit named Florrie is enshrined in local folklore, and popularised by television programmes such as Most Haunted.

The hotel reports a sinister history.  Legend tells of the landlady, Florrie, being murdered and pushed down the village well during the civil war, by her soldier husband who returned to find Florrie had been unfaithful. 

The 17th century coaching inn was expanded around the well, which is a centrepiece in one of the restaurant's dining rooms. History also reported the violent murder of a local man by stabbing, in the cellar which was used to hide priests and criminals.

Strange light effect in the restaurant
Strange light effect in the restaurant

Twelve members of Paranormal Site Investigators and a local press photographer conducted an overnight investigation at the Red Lion on 1st October, 2004. 

Whilst scientific equipment exposed nothing out of the ordinary realms of fluctuations, there was a wealth of activity reported, and caught on camera.

Mild activity reported included: chills, hearing movements, people being touched, discomfort, sightings of light anomalies, footsteps heard, presences felt and appliances turning on then off, apparantly of their own accord.

More significant activity included an object being thrown between two groups of investigators.  The group in the Red Lion bar reported no human presence  behind, or near to, to the bar when a container for beer bottle tops was thrown down the cellar stairway at the group in the cellar.

One investigator - who did not know the history of the Red Lion - experienced a vision of a man approaching him and acting violently, thrusting forward a number of times with a knife.  Staff later verified the history of a man stabbed to death in the cellar, and reported staff feeling his angry presence in the cellar to this day.

Over one hundred photographs, and many hours of audio and video tape were analysed.  The group eliminated a large number of anomalies, as being explainable light effects, moisture, dust and reflective surfaces. PSI was left with a number of 'unexplained' phenomena on photographs. 

Several apparant 'orbs' were caught on film in the restaurant, and could not be explained by other sources.  'Mist' was filmed in a controlled environment, that could not be rationally explained.  An alleged 'apparition of a ghost' was caught by the county press photographer in the mirror of the resturant.

Strange mist in the restaurant
Strange mist in the restaurant

Popular theories suggest that the three stages of manifestation of ghosts are: orbs, following by mist, followed by apparition.  This theory has neither been proved or disproved satisfactorily.

The apparition photo was displayed on the front page of the county paper that week, and generated 100,000 unique clicks to their website.  The image has  sparked 'international interest' and a TV company is said to be making a new programme about the Red Lion as a result of the photo taken at the PSI investigation.

The image has been closely strutinised by a number of specialist groups around the UK, and none can verify the authenticity of the digital image. A number of groups feel the imaged has been digitally enhanced.

last updated: 31/05/06
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Mia Rigby

Mia Rigby
I Went There With My Dad And I Got Freaked Out First I Went Down Into The Cellar And There Is A Mirror I Took A Picture When I Looked I Started Crying I Saw A Face With Scars On Its Face Big Spikey Hair And Black Eyes Lets Just Say I Have Nightmares

paul collyer
load of rubbish!!!! gullable fools who have nothing better to do with there time,get a life

I believe that,if they did indeed want to investigate - whynot send in a much small team... say about three people ?

alan mcquillan
felt very uneasy and strange in the restuant wife heard voices during the night olde english words

OMG!that is well weird man!!

Me, my dad, and my dads best mate and son stayed the night there a few years ago, and as we went up to bed, my dad, opened a small cupboard, and said, in a jokey way, "no trouble tonight please". As we went to sleep, we were woken by my dad, shouting to the top of his voice, "Kkkkeee" (Kev, the name of dads friend) and apparently, afterwards, he said he couldnt move, and was being held down, and his mouth held. Scary Place, have to go back there again.

ja ja james
When we last stayed there, it was in the Avenue room. I kept getting the sensation that someone was touching my hair, needless to say I was immensely creeped out. This is nothing compared to waht I saw next: I was walking through the corridor to the bathroom when I turned the corner I distinctly saw a small white figure, about the size of a child. It vanished in an instant, it was like a flash. But I'm very certain about it. Must go again.

is it a hotel can we book a room ?

i went there for a pint with some mates and the only things scary were some goths sat in the corner haha rock on booo

pink & susan wilson - realm
We have been to see the stones and the only spooky thing thats happening here, is the constant spectre of the ineptness that National Trust show in running a monument, IE they take money and do nothing with it or do the wrong thing it as they were at Avebury stones last summer. Give the site back to English Heritage.

Me and a few mates heard about this place and thought we'd give it a go. We stayed for two's what happened. We had our quilts ripped off of our beds during the night, windows flung open and we saw a horse and cart trotting along the path. Whilst eating dinner we were aware of an uneasy presence at our table. I'd reccommend it if you're in to this type of thing, even though it's one of the scariest things that's ever happened to me! However we'd definitely all go again

Carrie Smith
Went to a haunted night 2 years ago. Was sceptical. Not anymore. Can anyone give me any info about a lady called Annie. She lived there at some time in the past.

aiesha smart
hi,my mum and dad went to the red lion and when they had there dinner there was a borded window a nd they asced why it was and 1 of the staff said because people kept on seeeing a old lady sitting in a rocking chair.then when they went to sleep they keept geting woken up because there was a banging nosie on thair door soon it whent away but it came back again so my dad got out of bed and had a look but there wasent any 1 there so he cept the door open.then bang the door shut on its owen.then the bang came back again but this time it was loder and there was some 1 in the coner of the roomscratching on the wall nad the banging was on the wall near the bed.(this happend in 2007)

Adam Clements
Dear team . i went to the red lion pub last year in the summer. i was on my own with my camera taking pics of the stones. then i heard loud noises i turned round and saw horses and carriges pass by the pub i took a foto of it but havent be bothered to develop it yet. i thought it was a culture show but it was unheared of.Thats when it hairs all over my body stood up on end in shock.

Interesting what Beverley Ann says about the ladies loo & the hand dryer. I visited the Red Lion last week (Feb 07) & was aware of a strong presence in the ladies. When it came to drying my hands I got the feeling that 'they' didn't want me to use the hand dryer so I dried my hands on my jumper & left quickly!

i dont know if its real or not, do you? allthow it freaked me out

the light might be reflectin from da ova light was the light on tho text bak on ma email

I agree with Darren Webb although the food is rather nice

Louisa Hancock
I spent a night on a paranormal investigation at the Red Lion and I can definitely say that it is very haunted. There are many presences that can be felt (some not nice), not to mention many icy cold spots that come and go, areas that make you feel dizzy and sway and a general feeling of being watched. I thoroughly enjoyed me stay at the Red Lion and meeting the ghosts that it houses.

im a ghost!! mwah ha ha
its rubbish dont believe it u guysill haunt u if u dont be quiet about ghosts we only haunt people who believe in us!!

I'm going to stay at the Red Lion this weekend with some friends and we hope to see something spooky! We seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..........

I met a lady who does B+B in avebury and she told me how when she used to work at the Red Lion , she was locking up one night when a woman walked by. The woman was dressed in large old fashioned skirts and just looked like someone in fancy dress - completely solid to look at.She was supposed to be the only person there that night.

Darren Webb
The only paranormal activity that i witnessed was the lack of British Hospitality from the bar staff. I visited this pub today and waited for mor than 10 minutes for service. I don't know how the people that own this pub or work at this pub ever witness any type of paranormal activity because they can't even notice when they have a paying customer waiting at an empty bar. Don't waiste your time visiting. The surroundings are beautiful, well worth a visit. Good looking SHEEP

A friend and I stayed at the Red Lion Inn about 8 years ago. I didn't know anything regarding it being haunted at the time. Within minutes after settling down to sleep, I felt as if something had reached into my midsection and grabbed me, waking me suddenly. Not painful, just surprising! I have never experienced anything like that, before or since.

Stayed at the Red Lion several times, no problems, the only spirits were in the bar. The place creaks and groans at night, it's old like me.

I'm doing a project about The Red Lion. I find the story of Florrie, her husband and her lover very interesting! Looking at the pictures of a ghost, a strange light and mist in the resturant, it has made me even more interested and it has left me wanting to find out more!

It does not look enhanced. This is a major discovery for all ghost hunters!

steve harwood
in 1970 my uncle , ray harwood was manager there and he has lots of stories about strange goings on there,also in 1971, as a small boy, my family stayed there and my mother, who is very sceptical about ghosts and the like to this day,woke up screaming !spooky eh

me & my girlfriend stayed in the kieller room november 06 for 2 nights she was woken up by a mans voice saying hello in her ear

all accounts were very interesting would like read more indepth details

all accounts were very interesting would like read more indepth details

emma blake
i currently work at he Red Lion (2007) i have never yet seen heard or felt eny type off Ghost in the pub ive worked there for 2 years i think its aload off rubbish until i see, feel a ghost thats how im staying...

I stayed at the pub last year with my family - both me and my partner saw a small animal, which we presumed to be a cat, in the corridor upstairs. It ran into a toilet and disappeared!My son also said he saw an apparition floating above his brother. In spite of this I am still sceptical and would like to go again!

I was at the Red Lion on 19 March 2007, and usually, I am a sceptic. However, on this occasion, I was surprised to find that when I peered into the well, there was a misty figure stood behind me, which I can only describe as a bearded angel! After such a disturbing experience, I don't know if I could ever go back!

i want to go and have a tour of that pub to see if its true if somebody sponsors me for charity i will go and sleep in one of the hunted rooms for a night!

paul khan (CHALKY).
I used to live in winterbourne monkton called in once for a pint on my way home was watched in the bar whilst i was there, when i went home i was being watched from the small window on the side of the pub.I felt uneasy and did not go in the pub after that although the spirit world does not have any fear for me.

omg tht is like soo scary

Nick Nicholson
I had a friend who sometime ago spent the night at the Red Lion. He and his companion were severely disturbed by something that seemed to rise through the bed in the middle of the night. They did not stay another night and were disturbed for some time after. Nick

my m8a as a ghost in her house no jk fings get thown across the room and things appear in pictures but i cnt w8 2 go bk 2 avebury nd mayb meet this ghost!

scary ahhhh!!!

trina and paul murton
hi,we had the honour of staying overnight on our wedding night 11 dec 2006.we stayed in the keiller room,we had no visitations overnight but the next morning we both smelt a putrid smell of sick in the bathroom,but not at the same time.when i could smell it paul couldnt and vise one point the smell followed me around the room and as i walked past paul the presence passed straight through him,making the hairs on the back of his neck and my arms stand up.we just politely asked whatever it was to leave,and it did!

i have satyed in this pub mant many times i babysit upstairs in the pub on my own with the kids in the flat and really i don think it is that spooky but then im used to it my moms works there her name is tracey bailey my da used to but not and more we have been going there since we moved down 12 years ago. it is really a nice place.

beverley ann
hi i spent the night in the red lion in avebury last november. i must admit before i even knew that the pub was haunted i had this uptight feeling of being watched in the ladies toilets. so when i needed to go i would wait until someone else went in there as i could not wait to get out of there.when i stayed there last year i took a medium in there he said that two children like to play tricks in there by switching the hand dryers on and off.

I have just come back from a visit to the red lion this week.I asked a young barman if he had seen anything and he said that that very morning they found all the gas had been turned off on the pumps in the cellar probably over night/early hours although non of the staff had done it!

sara and col
hi,col and i stayed at the Red Lion in April 05 in the Avenue room it was definately haunted and we caught a stream of orbs, on videocam, coming from the corner of the room where the tv was!Also i didnt get to sleep til dawn and im sure an old lady appeared on the single bed looking at us.... well worth a visit,well creepy

I was in Avebury in 2002 and Florrie spoke to me and I have a picture of her sitting on a stool by the lion.


Ive a ghost walk in bath.I have been to the red lion yet but i cant wait to go...

stayed there few days ago. Stayed in the haunted avenue room. Very disapointed as nothing happened.

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