Weather Watcher profile: Harry


Weather Watcher Harry takes great photos around Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. He tells us about his passion for nature photography and extreme weather.

Image caption "After the lingering winter that seemed reluctant to let go of its icy grip, the spring flowers around the local area were a long awaited sight and once the days became a little warmer, it didn't take long for stunning carpets of daffodils to appear. The evening sunlight made them glow beautifully against their surroundings." Photo taken on 16 April

Storms and raging, intense skies are my main interests in weather photography and I've always wanted to travel to the US to witness supercell storms and tornadoes in action. I look forward to seeing how the weather changes every day and eagerly anticipate the summer skies with cirrus clouds and gathering cumulus clouds in the wake of the first storms each year.

Red sunrise through trees
Image caption "As bitter and cold as the mornings may have been in the winter, there were some sunrises that were unmissable and well worth layering up for!" Photo taken on 28 January

The weather also largely influences my wildlife photography, with the dull, cloudy days spent mostly looking for birds and mammals while the brighter sunnier days have me searching for insects and basking reptiles.

Red sun
Image caption "One of my favourite weather images of 2017 was the red sun in October. Seeing the sun this colour through the clouds stopped me in my tracks. It looked like something out of a sci-fi movie!" Photo taken on 16 October

I look for contrasting colours, like the silhouettes of crows against a fiery sunset, and structure within the clouds. I love watching thunderstorms developing in the summer, with ominous shelf clouds topped by raging plumes as they move across the landscapes. I also like anything that captures the seasons, such as sunlit crocus flowers in spring, or the golden leaves in autumn.

Snow dusted purple flowers
Image caption Snow dusted crocuses in February

Being part of Weather Watchers has certainly made me look up to the sky a lot more and it's wonderful to see so many people getting out there to capture it in interesting ways. I'm looking forward to seeing what this year's weather brings, especially in the late spring and early summer, with the longer, warmer days and the possibility of spectacular storms lighting up the skies. The possibilities with the weather are just about endless and it's always worth having a camera ready all year round!

Clouds in the sly
Image caption "Winter can be a great season for storms. They may not be as big or as impressive as summer storms but they can still make some spectacular skies, particularly with a bit of sunshine lighting up the mixed showers of snow, rain and hail in the distance. This particular storm is one of my favourite images, with a menacing dark base and a huge anvil reaching high into the sky as it continued northwards." Photo taken on 28 January 2017