Spectacular stormy skies


Sunday was definitely a day worth looking up at the skies - and then running for cover!

Here are some of your stunning storm cloud pictures, taken on Sunday 11 February.

Storm cloud over water
Image caption Clever composition in this shot of a cumulonimbus cloud over Fleetwood, Lancashire. Photo by Stuferkai
Storm over city rooftops
Image caption Stormy skies over Manchester, captured by Shaun
Udder shaped cloud over houses
Image caption Distinctive mammatus clouds loom over Stubbington, Hampshire. Photo by out to grass
Birds fly past a cumulonimbus cloud
Image caption Birds fly past a cumulonimbus cloud in Warrington. Photo by Alison
Hail shower
Image caption "Almost a vortex in this hail shower!" reports Yvette. Photo taken in Hastings, East Sussex
Dramatic cloud over water
Image caption Another dramatic view of a shower - this was captured in Eastbourne, East Sussex, by Jim
Grey cloud over a city
Image caption Swirls of grey in Liverpool, captured by Clare
Storm cloud over country landscape
Image caption "A wintry shower deposited by a huge nimbus sky looking towards Huddersfield". Photo by Sandie
Clouds over the sea
Image caption "Clouds at ship height" in West Wittering, West Sussex. Photo by Debbie
Hail showers over water
Image caption Hail showers in Portballintrae, County Antrim, photographed by kmmillar2000