Weather Watcher profile: Z70


Ian goes by the nickname Z70. He tells us about being a Weather Watcher.

Sunset in a field
Image caption "This was such an interesting evening, I had nearly turned around and gone home as the rain was so bad in Stoke-on-Trent but decided to stay for a couple of minutes more and the sun just lit up the sky." Photo taken in Apedale Country Park in July

I am based in a small village outside of Stafford, but I post pictures from all over Staffordshire and Shropshire, as well around Warrington where I work. I also try to take pictures wherever I go in the UK; it adds to the record of where I have been as well as adding to the local weather record.

Swans on a lake at sunset
Image caption "A beautiful summer's evening at the Chasewater Country Park and the swans came over at the perfect moment". Photo taken in June

I think the main reason why I like the weather is the sheer variety we get in the UK, from the very beautiful sunsets and sunrises to the magnificent clouds in the sky. Of course we get our fair share of dull weather as well and that is part of the attraction of photography - for me to show something like flat white cloud in an interesting way.

Bright day by a stream
Image caption "This was a lovely spring day and walking in the Peak District with our dogs was just magical." Photo taken in March

I always look for something of interest that adds to the story of the picture. I could just point at the sky and take a picture of a cloud against a blue background, but to add in, say Stafford Castle or even our dogs playing, adds more information and interest to a photograph.

Sunrise by a tower
Image caption "A visit to see family on the August Bank Holiday down in Portsmouth and I decided to get up and take a picture of the Spinnaker Tower. As the morning went and the sun rose, this view got better and better"

My favourite photos are usually of sunset or sunrises, I love the anticipation of seeing what might happen when the sun appears or disappears.

Barley with the sun shining behind
Image caption "This picture was taken a few metres from our house, in a local farmer's field. It was such a warm day and [had] the feeling of summer." Photo taken in July