Stunning sunrise skies captured across England

23rd February 2021 Last updated at 11:14

Tuesday morning brought vivid skies across England. Here's a selection of those spectacular sunrises photographed by BBC Weather Watchers.

There are clues in the weather forecast that can help you plan that perfect shot. BBC Weather's Matt Taylor gives his top tips on how to capture the perfect sunrise.

Red sky above a cottage in a field
GOforitgrandma/Weather Watchers
A red sky above Earby, Lancashire
Red sky above houses
AmberandRoxy/Weather Watchers
The sky was also painted red in Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire
Red sky against a city skyline
MCRShaun/Weather Watchers
Manchester's skyline was seen against a red backdrop
Red sunrise
Bootleg/Weather Watchers
Fiery sunrise in Leeds
Red sunrise in the countryside
bowlandbelle/Weather Watchers
A colourful start to the day in Grindleton, Lancashire
Red sunrise at the end of a road
costadaddy/Weather Watchers
costadaddy photographed this burst of sunrise colour Clapham, North Yorkshire
Cloudy red sunrise
kidda/Weather Watchers
The vibrant colours accentuated the clouds in Woodham, County Durham
A couple with a dog on the beach during a vibrant sunrise
Beverley Senturk/Weather Watchers
Enjoying the early morning walk in Scarborough, North Yorkshire
Cloudy red sunrise
Farmer Jim/Weather Watchers
A spectacular view of the sunrise in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Red sunrise over the seas
Lisa L/Weather Watchers
The sky was on fire in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside