Spectacular cloud over Welsh mountain takes top photo prize

21st October 2019 Last updated at 14:45

A spectacular image of a blanket of cloud draped across a mountain in Wales has scooped the top prize in the Weather Photographer of the Year competition.

The photo was taken by Gareth Mon Jones who beat more than 2,000 photographers to claim the title.

A man stands, his back to the camera, on a mountain peak. Thick cloud covers the landscape at dawn
Gareth Mon Jones Photography
The image called Above My Expectations shows a blanket of cloud draped across Y Lliwedd, one of the flanks of Snowdon in Wales

The Royal Meteorological Society, which runs the competition, said they were overwhelmed by the quality of this year's images.

Mr Mon Jones won the overall Weather Photographer of the Year award. Here are the other winners and runners-up.

A large bolt of lightning strikes the sea at night by a coastal village
Elena Salvai
The first runner up and winner of the Public's Favourite image was Elena Salvai for her image of a lightning bolt striking the sea by the village of Riomaggiore in Italy
A roll of snow in a field
Brian Bayliss
Brian Bayliss was second runner up for his photo of 'Snow Rollers in Wiltshire'. Conditions have to be just right for snow rollers to occur: a smooth, un-vegetated hillside enhances the chance of them being formed. A layer of thin snow, settled atop existing ice and not sticking to it, combined with specific temperature, moisture level and wind speed, are fundamental to the creation of these natural oddities
Forks of lightning by the coast at night
Hugo Begg
The Young Weather Photographer of the Year for the 17 and under category was awarded to Hugo Begg for his image of lightning over Trial Bay
A person assists another person on a motorcycle during heavy snow
Ali Bagheri
Ali Bagheri's image of a motocycle caught in the snow in Iran was runner up in the 17 years and under category

The Weather Photographer of the Year exhibition will go on tour around the UK later this year and in 2020.

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