In pictures: Thunderstorms hit the UK

24th July 2019 Last updated at 11:07

Thunderstorms swept across much of the UK on Tuesday, ahead of possible record-breaking heat this week.

With around 48,000 lightning strikes overnight from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning, BBC Weather Watchers were able to capture some cracking shots.

Lightning in a night sky
cwoody/Weather Watchers
Electrifying scene in Tidmarsh, West Berkshire
Lightning above houses
jbsshots/Weather Watchers
The sky was lit up in Beverley, East Yorkshire
Lightning in a night sky
Joshua22/Weather Watchers
A thunderstorm over Southampton, as seen from Weston Shore
Single lightning bolt over the sea
Madsam/Weather Watchers
A single lightning bolt photographed in West Beach, Littlehampton
Lightning above a city
Matt/Weather Watchers
Matt captured the light show above Plymouth
Lightning above an airport
ladylaura8/Weather Watchers
London's Heathrow Airport also saw spectacular lightning strikes
Lightning above a town
ahesharpe/Weather Watchers
The skies in Ely, Cambridgeshire, were painted purple during the storms
Lightning above a field
Sven/Weather Watchers
Sven photographed this striking scene in Great Addington, Northamptonshire
Lightning above houses
Alexlb/Weather Watchers
Lightning crackles over Newport
Lightning above a field
wotevadaweva/Weather Watchers
The storms were still going as the sun was rising on Wednesday. This was photographed in Dedham, Essex