Skiing forecast

13th December 2016 Last updated at 13:36
Skiing forecast

European Weather Outlook

Following a period of cloud and snow in Austria, the weather is set to return to sun for most of the week ahead. Temperatures are forecast to be between freezing and 5C for the most part, and skiing is likely to be confined largely to the groomed pistes.

In Switzerland and France not much has changed in terms of the current weather outlook, with much of the week ahead set to stay the same. There is some good news though, snow is in the long term forecast, but we will keep an eye on this to see how things progress as the week goes on.

Across Italy the skies were largely cloudy. However, like much of Europe, it is unlikely that this will deliver any snow in the short term forecast.

Good news for Scotland: Friday 16 December is forecast to bring snow to the mountains in the east. This won't be enough to get any skiing under way, but should it arrive, it is at least a positive start.

North American Weather Outlook

The snowfalls and storm cycles are set to continue across the bulk of the American resorts. The accumulations are steady, ranging up to 20cm per day.

Finally things are going to pick up in the Pacific North West and Californian resorts this weekend. Squaw and Heavenly should expect almost a metre of new snow by the weekend followed immediately by two days of clear sunny skies. The weekend is also shaping up to be fantastic in Utah and Montana, with snow falls on Friday of around half a metre for most resorts.

In the east things also looking great with daily accumulations of around 10cm set to continue into next week.

Over the border in Canada it seems the early season storm cycle has finally come to an end. Resorts in British Columbia can expect sunshine throughout this week.

The next storm cycle is already showing on long range forecasts however, with fresh storms rolling in from around 19 December. In the far east Mont Sainte Anne is getting its first real snow falls of the seasons with accumulations of almost half a metre by the weekend.