"My Locations" in BBC Weather

25th January 2018 Last updated at 13:15

How do "My Locations" work in weather?

BBC Weather can give you tailored info based on your favourite locations.

When you add a location, like your home town, we'll use it to give you the relevant local info. And if you sign in to the BBC we'll even remember them across different devices.

We call your stored locations "My Locations".

How do you store "My Locations"?

We store the locations you add in your BBC account. You can find out more about how we treat your data here.

We ask you to sign in to add locations because it's the best way to keep them safe and secure. And it means you can access your stored locations on both computer or tablet, simply by signing in to the BBC. (Although not the Weather mobile app for now.)

To see what locations you have stored, click on the location search box and your list of locations will appear.

How do I add, remove or search for a location?

To add a location…Just hit the "Add" button next to the location. If you haven't already, we'll ask you to sign in.

You can save postcodes (for security reasons we will only store the first half) and places in the United Kingdom, Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man.

To remove a location…Open your list of locations by clicking on the location search box. Then click the cross next to the location you want to delete.

You can also remove any location you've added by clicking the cross next to it.

To search for locations…Type the location you want to find in the search box. It's usually at the top of the page next to "WEATHER".

In some places you'll also have the option to "Detect my location". For this to work, "Location Services" will need to be enabled in your internet browser or on your device.

"My Locations" in BBC Weather

How do recent searches work?

Recent searches show locations you've searched for but haven't added to your BBC account.

Because they're not saved to your BBC account, each one only appears in the part of the BBC where you searched for it.

You can delete your recent searches by clearing your internet browser cache, deleting your cookies or hitting the "Clear" button.

What's my "Home" location?

This is the postcode you entered when you registered with the BBC. For your privacy, we only use the first part of the postcode in your list of locations.

You can change your home postcode by visiting your BBC account settings.

You need to provide your home location when you register for a BBC account. But you don't have to add any other locations.

Find out more about what info we ask for and why.

Can I still use "My Locations" if I turn off personalisation?

Yes, but if you turn off personalisation (which you can do in your BBC account settings) we won't save your recent searches. And parts of the BBC that use a default location might not show the information you want straight away.

There's more info about personalisation here.

Do "My Locations" have anything to do with making me pay my Licence Fee?

No. We won't use your location to check you've paid your Licence Fee.

There's more about the TV Licence Fee here.