A pink flamingo at Newport Wetlands

Climate change in Wales

Last updated: 12 November 2009

Find out more about climate change in Wales and how it could affect our wildlife, from the top predators down to the lichen on our mountain tops.

Changing fortunes in National Parks

Paul Sinnadurai explains the effects, climate change is having on Wales' National Parks.

Hay fever sufferers beware

Dr Tim Rich looks at the connection between climate change and higher pollen counts.

The impact on Welsh wildlife

The Editor of Natur Cymru magazine looks at the impact of climate change on our wildlife.

Plants and climate change

A look at how climate changes can help and hinder warmth loving plants.

Butterflies and climate change

As the climate changes in Wales, how will our butterflies fare?

Birds and climate change

Recent studies show a decline in native species but a rise in migratory visitors.

Bats and climate change

Could some bat species in Wales, benefit from global warming?

Weatherman walks

Derek Brockway

Have a go

Try one of the walks from Derek's latest walking series on BBC One Wales.


Toads by Brian Stone

In your garden

Find out about the wildlife you can find on your doorstep.

Weird wildlife

A fin whale

Wildlife photos

A gallery featuring rare and unusual wildlife sightings in Wales.

Wildlife map of Wales

BBC Wales Nature map

Explore Wales

Zoom in and discover wildlife in your area with our interactive map.

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