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Last updated: 03 December 2008

Born: 15 September 1967, Cardiff
Roles: Guitar, pedal steel, vocals

Bunf met Gruff Rhys on the roof of a train in 1990. According to an early interview with the Melody Maker, "It was one of those narrow gauge railways with a steam train. It's not like it was an InterCity 125."

We're bigger than a beetle.


Bunf was that rarest of breeds - a teacher who was liked by his pupils. He taught art for two years in a primary school, and for two in a secondary. In an early interview, he told the NME, "I was a soft touch and they knew it. I got on with them better than the teachers, which says something about the mentality. Even my registration class were registerin' themselves. I was a very bad teacher."

But when the band began to make waves, Bunf became something of a local hero. When he was arrested for drug possession in 1996, his former pupils scribbled 'Free Bunf' on the school walls (he was let off with a fine). And when SFA once played in the area, he took to the stage with the words, 'School's out, rock'n'roll's in!'

Pre-SFA, Bunf was in the Welsh language band U Thant, with Guto Pryce.

The Guerrilla song The Teacher was written about Bunf. According to Gruff, "He's very inspiring and I'm sure he gets pissed off that I've written so many songs about his hamsters and his career. This is a ridiculously upbeat pop song which may sound like it's from a child's perspective, but it's actually from the teacher's perspective."

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