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Last updated: 06 August 2009

Ar Log (Welsh for 'for hire') are a long-running folk outfit who have over the years had many members and many records.

In a sense, Ar Log were a manufactured band, as they were put together by the Welsh Tourist Board who were keen for a Welsh folk band to represent Wales at the annual Lorient Interceltique festival.

Dave Burns (guitar), Dafydd Roberts (triple harp, flute), Gwyndaf Roberts (knee harp, bass) and Iolo Jones (fiddle) were brought together for that endeavour.

While in France, they met famed folk outfit The Dubliners and on their advice, Ar Log decided to turn professional and record.

The debut album was eponymous and well received, but preceded the departure of Burns and Jones in 1980.

Geraint Glynne Davies (guitar) and Geraint Pritchard (fiddle) were brought in as replacements. Davies took over Burns' vocal duties, and was heavily influenced by Queen's Freddie Mercury.

Two albums, Ar Log II and Ar Log III, were recorded by this quartet, before the band expanded to include Steffan Rees on accordion, fiddle and keyboards.

They were also solidifying their position on the Welsh folk scene with extensive tours with well-known traditional performer (and renowned politician) Dafydd Iwan.

Two tours with Iwan in the early 1980s resulted in two albums, Rhwng Hwyl A Thaith and Yma O Hyd. In 1983 they released an instrumental album, Meillionen (clover leaf).

The following year saw Ar Log IV then by 1988 Pritchard had left, to be replaced by the returning Iolo Jones on fiddle for Ar Log V. To all intents and purposes, Ar Log had by the turn of the 1990s, become a part-time outfit.

1996 saw the group's 20th anniversary and the recording of Ar Log VI. In 2007 they released Goreuon: The Best Of Ar Log.

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