Gwybodaeth: Penigamp

Penigamp is a selection of eight engaging, interactive games and activities which have been especially compiled for Key Stage 2 learners of Welsh Second Language.

Each activity is accompanied by a set of teachers' notes, which explains how to play each game and its link to the curriculum. A select vocabulary is listed for each activity along with lesson ideas on how to use the various games in the classroom.

Curriculum links

All activities within the site are mapped to the school curriculum and support learners in developing language and language learning skills. They are suitable for 7-11 year old learners of Welsh Second Language at Key Stage 2 level.


Click on the Preferences button if you wish to hear on-screen text being read out. This preference is not accessible while you are in the Information section.

Navigation bar

Each activity features a navigation bar at the top of the site, which includes the following functions:

Home Back to start of the game This button takes the user back to the main menu.
Language toggle Language toggle The default language for the activity is English, however, more advanced learners or teachers may wish to use a Welsh-only activity, which can be activated by clicking on the language toggle.
Sound on/off Sound on/off This button switches on or off any background music or sound effects within the activity, but retains the Welsh audio content at all times.
Help Help The question mark represents a help panel, which gives basic instructions on how to play the game. The language can be changed by clicking on the language toggle.
Full Screen Full screen This button allows the user to view the activity in full screen mode. This will be particularly useful to teachers wishing to display the content on an interactive white board.

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