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A royal dynasty

Last updated: 05 August 2008

Owain ap Maredudd ap Tudur married into the English royal family, creating a distinctly Welsh royal dynasty.

Owain ap Marededd ap Tudur, married secretly to Catherine of Valois, lived with her away from court until her death in 1437.

Her son by Henry V, Henry VI, was a minor and the kingdom was ruled by his uncle until he came of age. Owain, now anglicised to Owen Tudor, and his wife had enough of a quiet life to produce four children.

Their three sons were called Jasper, Owen and Edmund, reflecting their French, Welsh and English heritage. On Catherine's death, elements at court began to move against Owen and his family. He was imprisoned at Windsor Castle while his sons were cared for in Barking Abbey.

Luckily for the Tudors, Owen's step son, exercising power after his uncle's death, pardoned Owen and showed great concern for his half brothers. He made Edmund the Earl of Richmond, and Jasper the Earl of Pembroke.

Edmund married Margaret Beaufort, a descendent of John of Gaunt, the son of Edward III. Edmund and Margaret by this marriage gave their son, Henry, a plausible claim to the throne of England.

Henry Tudor became Henry VII in 1485, with the blood of the Plantagenet kings of England, the royal house of Gwynedd and the royal family of France in his veins.

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