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16 October 2014

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Video Nation

Your views and experiences on camera and online.

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  • Staff Nurse Fiona WhiteWales Mum of the Year

    Fiona White
    Fiona White talks about family life as a busy, working mother of two.
  • Circle of YouthCircle of Youth

    Sian and Marley
    Two teenagers from Tairgwaith talk about the work of their local youth group.
  • Audrey GriffithsKids these days

    Audrey Griffiths
    Comes to the defence of children today.
  • SuperdadsSuperdads

    Gareth Todd Jones
    The dads of Pen Pych Primary School.
  • The story of young Billy, a teenager conscripted in 1916 to go and fight in the war.Rappel

    Jamie Winchester, Gareth Leaman
    The story of young Billy, a teenager conscripted in 1916 to go and fight in the war.
  • A moving film about WWI My River

    Llandogo Primary School
    A moving film about World War One by children who remember their relatives.
  • Saundra StorchLost and Found

    Saundra Storch
    A tale of love lost and found.
  • Owen's grown out of his village.This is Where I Live

    Owen Mills
    Owen finds he's grown out of his village.
  • Ellis needs lessons Mobile Videos

    Ellis James
    Too posh, or just not posh enough? Ellis asks the nation for help.
  • Brian MalamaBrian Malama

    Ruth Kanyanga Kamwi
    Ruth has filmed fellow Zambian student, Brian Malama, who's struggling since his sponsorship collapsed.
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What is Video Nation?

We answer all your Video Nation questions. Find out more about Video Nation Wales and how you can take part.

What's the point of Video Nation?
It's simple - to enable you to produce a short video for the web. Video Nation reflects everyday life across the UK in all its rich diversity.

Who edits the tapes?
We do, but Video Nation hands over control to you. If you are unhappy about a finished video, then it just doesn't get shown. That way you are free to shoot first, decide later.

I've never used a camcorder - does that matter?
No - and you don't have to be technically minded either. A local production team will provide all the training and advice you need to film successfully.

What will happen to my recordings?
Your tape may be edited into a short video and shown on your local website, and may in turn be featured on this website, but only once you've agreed to the final version. If you change your mind about a video later on, we'll take it down as soon as possible.

We use streaming technology, which means the videos can't be downloaded or kept by users. Videos are also sometimes shown on TV, but we'll ask you beforehand and understand if you don't want it to be shown.

What's in it for me?
It's an opportunity to share your views and experiences with others, to talk directly to both local and national audiences and to add your videos to the growing online archive of everyday life.

So how do I take part?
Get in touch! - send us your details and we'll contact you ...

Latest videos here!

We've created a new site to watch our collection of your short films and videos in Flash. Videos will be still be available here in Real Media. Click here to visit the new site.

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Video Nation Wales

Your views on camera and online.

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