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A collection of short films made by students at Yale College, Wrexham, as part of their Digital Storytelling programme.

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Jack Strange

On the Straight and Narrow

By: Jack Strange, October 2006

"Fortunately for me they decided to restore Pont Cysyllte Aqueduct."



By: Gavin Kinnaird, Autumn 2007

I remember his laugh of excitement whenever we would go to the house.

Howard Griffiths

Howard's End

By: Howard Griffiths, October 2006

"The worst was over, or so they believed."

Mal Edwards

Money for Old Rope

By: Mal Edwards, October 2006

"I've cruised well over 100,000 miles on ten boats." Mal from Yale College talks about his life on water.

Chelsea as a little girl.

All Happy

By: Chelsea Slater, Autimn 2007

I have a bigger and better family now.

Adam with his older brothers

The Little Lad in the Middle

By: Adam Griffiths, Autumn 2007

"As the years went by, the hair got shorter, I grew taller and my face became more miserable."

beautiful scenery

Peace and Quiet

By: Greg Hewitt, Autumn 2007

That's where I live. Looks lovely, doesn't it? Bored yet?

Iola Roberts

Aqueduct Romance

By: Iola Roberts, October 2006

"For him, it was love at first sight."

Dad's Tiger

Dad's Tiger

By: Ieuan Lewis, Autimn 2007

There was Dad's tiger. That's what we were really there for. He had sponsored it on his 40th birthday.

Sam as a flowergirl

My Early Life Experience

By: Sam Knights, Autumn 2007

"My best mate wanted to feel my head. She said, 'Ew, that's minging'." a digital story made by Sam Knights from Yale College.

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About Yale College

Yale College, Wrexham is part of a network of Digital Storytelling partners that the BBC developed across Wales between 2001-2008.

Digital Storytelling at Yale College is run through the Faculty of Arts and Languages. They make Digital Storytelling available to a wide cross-section of the public, whilst developing a range of qualifications to suit a variety of learners. The team at Yale also develops new forms of narrative delivery.

Students, on a range of courses, learn how to script and produce their own Digital Stories. Expert help is on offer from experienced Yale College staff, and students could show their Digital Story on this BBC website.

In 2005 the college was awarded the prestigious Beacon Award for its Digital Storytelling work, and they have recently launched their own Digital Stories website, which shows a great selection of the students' work.

Visit the Yale Centre for Digital Storytelling for more stories from the project.

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