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Your views and experiences on camera and online.

Video Nation is an online archive of short films about everyday life from across Wales. From Super-dads in the Rhondda to a day with the Lifeguards of Rest Bay - browse through a selection of films made by you in Wales.

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Peggy Donkor

Disability access in Cardiff

By: Peggy Donkor, September 2007

Peggy compares facilities for the disabled in Cardiff to those back home in Ghana.

A moving film about WWI

My River

By: Llandogo Primary School, November 2008

A moving film about World War One by children who remember their relatives.

The story of young Billy, a teenager conscripted in 1916 to go and fight in the war.


By: Jamie Winchester, Gareth Leaman, November 2008

The story of young Billy, a teenager conscripted in 1916 to go and fight in the war.

Addiction Football

Addiction Football

By: Benn Paggett, October 2009

Recovering addicts in Colwyn Bay talk about how joining the local football team helped them kick their habits.

Shirley Bourne in front of Twmbarlwm

Hill of Dreams

By: Alan Terrell, September 2009

A short film about a small but challenging personal ambition that becomes an ever-widening metaphor for hope.


A Day Out With Gwyn

By: Keri Collins and Paul West, March 2009

Gwyn is a 13-year-old boy who feels too cool to be going out for a daytrip with his grandad.

Rescue, Porthcawl beach

Rest Bay Lifeguards

By: Chris Page, October 2007

Pamela Anderson made it look so easy! But in the often freezing water of the South Wales coast, it's not always quite so glamorous.

Karel Lek

Art of the matter

By: Karel Lek, 2006

Karel has lost his roots in Belgium and can't make any here.

Restoration of the Pritchard Jones Institute

Pritchard Jones Institute

By: Restoration Village Supporters Film, August 2006

The villagers of Newborough are faced with essential restoration work. Restoriation Village Supporters' film

Circle of Youth

Circle of Youth

By: Sian and Marley, March 2009

Two teenagers from Tairgwaith talk about the work of their local youth group.

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