Green Season

A collection of BBC Wales archive stories to mark the Green Wales season.

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Cycling Mad

By: Anna Roberts, June 2007

"I truly believe that cars are evil. I am a cyclist."

The Centre for Alternative Technology

Cymuned y Chwarel

By: Amanda Roll Pickering, June 2004

"Chopping wood is not everyone's idea of fun - to me it's a luxury." Amanda reflects on her decision to live a sustainable life in a hobbit house.

Toy Boat

A Child of the Thirties

By: Bill Whatley, March 2004

"We were poor, but as a child, I was never aware of it." Bill remembers tight times growing up in the thirties.

How does you garden grow?

A Growing Enthusiasm

By: Francesca Webb, April 2002

"That's when I found planting only half the story." Francesca has been disappointed by her attempts to grow flowers in her garden, but she kept trying.

Solar Panel

Muesli and Digestives

By: Liz Todd, June 2004

"The name Machynlleth caught my attention again on the news." Saying 'Machynlleth' for the first time was quite a challenge for Liz.


A Double Life

By: Sarah Eyles, June 2007

"I lead a double life, one foot in heaven and the other on earth." Sarah explains how lucky she feels.

Sissi Cancino

Breathing Clean Air

By: Sissi Cancino, September 2007

Mexican journalist Sissi Cancino says people in Cardiff don't realise how lucky they are.

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