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Miner's Wife

By: Lilian Hobbs, 2008

"It's not until they talk about it that you suddenly realise what conditions they did work in."


Thank You

By: Olwen Clatworthy, September 2005

"At this moment, the prayers of a little girl seem so important." Olwen recalls waiting for her father's safe return from the pit in a blizzard.

Ebbw Vale Steel-workers


By: Rob James, September 2003

"At the beginning of the '80s Wales started to change ... for the worse." Robert looks back at how Ebbw Vale has changed since his childhood.

Drawing by Peter Prendergast

What's in a Name?

By: Peter Prendergast, July 2001

"Roots are where we decide to put them. Culture is now, not then." The painter, Peter Prendergast, questions notions of identity in his homeland.


My Street Bryntaf

By: Fred Payne, September 2006

"You knew they were coming by the sound of the drums." Fred takes us down his street giving a glimpse of community life as it was before.

Toy Boat

A Child of the Thirties

By: Bill Whatley, March 2004

"We were poor, but as a child, I was never aware of it." Bill remembers tight times growing up in the thirties.


Farwell Dear Village

By: Saundra Storch, October 2005

"Life is a journey - things change - but not always for the better." Saundra says goodbye to the village life of Pontyberem.

Mary's gran

My Gran

By: Mary Williams, September 2005

"She wouldn't accept money from the Parish at any cost." Wanting to keep her family together, Mary's grandmother wouldn't let anything stand in her way.

Coal Not Dole

I Was There

By: Paula Richards, May 2002

"It was alright to have nothing, if everyone else had nothing too." Paula portrays her experiences of the Miners' Strike in 1984. She was there, were you?


My Love for Ynysowen

By: Sheila Lewis, September 2006

"I took a deep breath and fell in love." Ynysowen is a valley that has been living and changing over the years and for Sheila it's never lost its beauty.

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