Our teenage years make a big impact on the rest of our life. Some of these stories remember the good and bad times of adolescence, and others are from teenagers today telling us about their lives today.

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Flying High

By: Ian's Mum, June 2005

"Ian has his own bench in school. He also has Aspergers Syndrome." After planning for 12 months, Ian is ready to try a tandem paraglide.

Nathan's Dream

My Dream

By: Nathan Athay, July 2003

"Yes, some day, I'll have the greatest, fastest, best bike in the world!" Nathan shares a passion for bikes with his Dad.

Natalie loves chips

I'm Just Lucky

By: Natalie Steele, September 2003

"There are lots of things in my life that I love, some are important." Natalie explores the reasons behind her passion for life.

Close up of a school photograph

Prague Revisited

By: Desider Golten, October 2004

"I always promised myself that I would keep in touch." The Iron Curtain made it impossible for Desider to keep his promise.

Rhondda landscape


By: Catherine Craven, 2007

"We would be off first thing in the morning and back in the evening without a care." Catherine remembers walking everywhere with friends in her childhood.


The Young, The Old and The Rhondda

By: Lawson Jones, November 2007

"Once you've been there, you'll remember it for the rest of your life." Lawson has found a few sporting stories while researching his family history.

Marian and Becky

The Dynamic Duo

By: Marian and Becky, November 2006

"My mother threw cheese at them, it was the only thing she could get hold of." Marian's parents reacted to her sisters wearing make up at night.

Tina McMahon


By: Tina McMahon, April 2005

"My day starts with cold feet on my back at 6 am." Tina has a lot to do before leaving the house in the morning.

Ryan Thomas

Barking Mad

By: Ryan Thomas, June 2005

"I overcome my fear, and carry on climbing." Ryan enjoys climbing trees and wants to try rock-climbing.

Muriel and Lauren

The Monkeys Parade

By: Muriel and Lauren, November 2006

"After chapel on a Sunday we all went down to the Monkeys Parade." Muriel remembers hanging out with friends as a teenager.

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