Getting the balance right between studying and playtime can be a tricky one, but here our filmmakers get down to it and tell us a story or two about their student days.

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Talking Pictures

By: Laurence Harborne, May 2007

"Typical passion would be someone walking hand in hand but Wrexham's not really like that." Laurence talks about his impressions of Wrexham.


An Eye in Wrexham

By: Stewart MacKellar, May 2007

"I started off by walking around Wrexham just trying to get ideas." Stewart spends a moment having a good look at Wrexham.

Sissi Cancino

Breathing Clean Air

By: Sissi Cancino, September 2007

Mexican journalist Sissi Cancino says people in Cardiff don't realise how lucky they are.


Hero to Zero

By: Colin Terrell, June 2005

"For once, I wasn't able to come up with a smart answer." Colin has found that wearing the same thing every day helps make life more comfortable.

A moving film about WWI

My River

By: Llandogo Primary School, November 2008

A moving film about World War One by children who remember their relatives.

Making Decisions

Making Decisions

By: Jason Meeneghan, March 2007

"There are always decisions you have to make in your life."


Wrexham's Passion for Fashion

By: Oli Quenby, May 2007

"I was thinking of passion and I thought I would get someone to kiss me. But then there was no one in the proximity."


Following Some Advice

By: Ian Minifey, November 2006

"My first year is a bit of blur now, as I cannot remember most of it." Film student Ian Minifey in Lampeter follows his grandfather's words of wisdom.


Never Too Old to Learn Something New

By: Catherine Collins, March 2007

"Always promised myself I would return to education one day."

beautiful scenery

Peace and Quiet

By: Greg Hewitt, Autumn 2007

That's where I live. Looks lovely, doesn't it? Bored yet?

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