Player, fan or both - our filmmakers have a look at the alternative sides of sport and fitness.

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I Wonder How Many Cardiff City Fans are Plumbers?

By: Gavin Allen, May 2005

Gavin's relationship with football, and Cardiff City Football Club, didn't quite get off on the right foot.


An Eye in Wrexham

By: Stewart MacKellar, May 2007

"I started off by walking around Wrexham just trying to get ideas." Stewart spends a moment having a good look at Wrexham.

Sissi Cancino

Breathing Clean Air

By: Sissi Cancino, September 2007

Mexican journalist Sissi Cancino says people in Cardiff don't realise how lucky they are.

Addiction Football

Addiction Football

By: Benn Paggett, October 2009

Recovering addicts in Colwyn Bay talk about how joining the local football team helped them kick their habits.


The Young, The Old and The Rhondda

By: Lawson Jones, November 2007

"Once you've been there, you'll remember it for the rest of your life." Lawson has found a few sporting stories while researching his family history.

Ryan Thomas

Barking Mad

By: Ryan Thomas, June 2005

"I overcome my fear, and carry on climbing." Ryan enjoys climbing trees and wants to try rock-climbing.

Dave Hodge

Secret Life of Gladys

By: Dave Hodge, June 2005

"Lock up your husbands - they may be glad to see Gladys!" Dave's trip to Ireland has a twist in its tale.

Amy Broadstock

Winter Green

By: Amy Broadstock, August 2005

"I know where there's a girls' rugby team!" Amy's dad points her in the right direction.

Rescue, Porthcawl beach

Rest Bay Lifeguards

By: Chris Page, October 2007

Pamela Anderson made it look so easy! But in the often freezing water of the South Wales coast, it's not always quite so glamorous.


A Dream

By: Marcus Thomas, July 2004

"After I learnt the basic commands I just got better and better." Marcus is passionate about jumping and hopes to do what he loves best in the world.

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