A collection of short films featuring money and the role it plays in our lives from scraping a few pennies together to saving pocket money for the fair.

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By: Dianne M Lee, November 2004

"It was my job to wait for the stragglers to come home." At sixpence a bird, Dianne's life in the loft had become a lucrative little earner!


A Stitch In Time

By: Patricia Jones, November 2007

"There were about five different kinds of welts and pipes and flaps and patch pockets." Patricia went from making toys and clothes to modelling them.

Hannah Davies

Good as Gold

By: Hannah Davies, June 2005

"I could have at least ten gos at winning a goldfish." Hannah remembers trips to the fair with her Nan and brother.

Making Decisions

Making Decisions

By: Jason Meeneghan, March 2007

"There are always decisions you have to make in your life."

drawing of a mobile phone

Ring Tones

By: Steven Leigh, July 2005

"They drive me absolutely bonkers no matter where I am."

Lots of money!

Dream Job

By: Joseph Quirk, March 2007

"Wouldn't it be nice if all dreams came true?"

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