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closeup of Nicky's face

Culture Vulture

By: Nicky Delgado, December 2002

"I'm an Afric-Cymric rhythmic poet." Nicky uses rhyme to tell stories about his roots, and his travels throughout Europe and North Africa.


Convincing Finns

By: Esko Reinikainen, December 2005

"I've never liked tricky questions." Esko is a Finn, but convincing people of this is embarrassing when you don't speak the language.

Dafydd's 'Taid' (Grandfather)


By: Dafydd Meirion, April 2002

"I don't really have a story. But I have a fear." Dafydd's story compares his life today with life in his grandfather's time.

Taxi sign

Taxi Driver

By: Majid Ghani, December 2002

"To me they are all spies - the undercover police." Majid feels he's being watched while out at night with friends.

Brown Boots

My Brown Boots

By: Sherrall Morris, June 2003

"I'd stand in puddles and scuff the toes." Sherrall's boots were custom-made to fit her feet and she wondered why they were special and lucky!


Soul Song

By: John Roberts, July 2002

"I didn't really want to see the similarities to begin with." John Roberts questions whether there is such a divide between north and south Wales.

Drawing by Peter Prendergast

What's in a Name?

By: Peter Prendergast, July 2001

"Roots are where we decide to put them. Culture is now, not then." The painter, Peter Prendergast, questions notions of identity in his homeland.


Education and Me

By: Sughra Muhammed, September 2002

"I was totally uneducated, no English whatsoever." Sughra tells how she learned English and now helps others that are in the same situation.

Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

By: Selma Chalabi, September 2002

"And her eyes are my eyes - blue eyes." Selma tells us about a feature of her grandmother that lives on in herself.

Anna-Marie's name tag

Powderham Street

By: Anna-Marie McMahon, April 2005

"I used to tell people that my Mum wanted to call me Anna and my Dad wanted to call me Marie." Anna-Marie tells the story of her name.

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