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Going West

By: Michelle Dunn, November 2004

"The chickens learned to wear fox-proof underpants." Some surprises were in store for Michelle when she moved from London to rural Wales.


Stamps and Holograms

By: Ana Lucía González, June 2004

"Being a Colombian in the UK does not mean I am a drug dealer." Ana loves to travel and work abroad.


Croeso i Gymru

By: Norbert X Mbu-Mputu, October 2006

"I was homeless, helpless and hopeless." Norbert had to flee the Democratic Republic of the Congo, leaving his wife and family behind.

Said's grandfather - Aftaag

Aftaag Family

By: Said Dualeh, May 2005

"My father stayed in Somalia, but longed for his home back in Cardiff." Dualeh's family came to Cardiff nearly 100 years ago.


Three Things

By: Mark Biden, November 2006

"It feels to me as if this country is perched on the edge of an abyss." Mark contrasts the lives of young people in Kabul and Wales.

Izzy in a pub

At the Bottom of a Pint Glass

By: Izzy Kaminski, March 2006

"At the bottom of every pint glass lies a story." The more Izzy travels around, the more she finds bits of her past in the strangest places.


The Laundry Dilemma

By: Amos Mananyetso, September 2007

"The machine told me it needed 20 minutes to sort out my mess." Amos is a journalist in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Rhondda landscape


By: Catherine Craven, 2007

"We would be off first thing in the morning and back in the evening without a care." Catherine remembers walking everywhere with friends in her childhood.

Sissi Cancino

Breathing Clean Air

By: Sissi Cancino, September 2007

Mexican journalist Sissi Cancino says people in Cardiff don't realise how lucky they are.


A Stitch In Time

By: Patricia Jones, November 2007

"There were about five different kinds of welts and pipes and flaps and patch pockets." Patricia went from making toys and clothes to modelling them.

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