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The Bridge

Lan y Cwm, ac yn ôl.

By: Alison McGann, April 2002

"As beautiful as it was, it wasn't what I really wanted." Alison tells us about a journey to Minalli and how things didn't turn out as expected.

Paul and his hat


By: Paul Jones, May 2003

"I walked out of that shop like the cat that got the cream." Paul would often wear a hat and in Blackpool he asked his grandfather to buy him a new cap.

The Orange Tent

An Orange Tent

By: Luned Emyr, January 2007

"Gran was concerned about the tent's wellbeing." Luned's best holiday memories were in an orange tent.


The Holiday That Made Me Grow Up

By: Josh Klein, December 2005

"It wasn't even meant to be my holiday." Josh's trip to California was a turning point in his life, providing a much needed sense of responsibility.


My Friends, My Cousins

By: Richard Jones, January 2007

"A journey which started in confusion 15 years ago." Twinning Celtic towns in different countries can bring cultural benefits.


The Miners' Struggle

By: Les Rees, November 2007

"It was the one day in the year when they brought the horses to the surface." Les tells his story about the Ferndale Carnival of 1926.

Sonia Jones

A Remarkable Trip

By: Sonia Jones, June 2005

"I definitely found myself a new friend that day." Sonia met some interesting personalities in New Zealand.

Rescue, Porthcawl beach

Rest Bay Lifeguards

By: Chris Page, October 2007

Pamela Anderson made it look so easy! But in the often freezing water of the South Wales coast, it's not always quite so glamorous.

a bicycle wheel

Lost Weekend

By: David Chamberlain, November 2006

"I thought that someone was looking after me." David is thankful on his mystery trip around Ireland.

Aled Lewis Evans


By: Aled Lewis Evans, July 2005

"I had come to Venice for repairing myself."

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