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My Admiration

By: Wendy Sims
Published: September 2006

"I've always placed the Queen Mother as a role model." Wendy pays tribute to a wonderful lady and role model, but leaves Prince Charles in a right royal flush.

Yang and her sister

We.. We.. We...

By: Yang Yingjie
Published: March 2007

"I'm so lucky to be born with my best friend, you, my twin sister."

A person-centred plan


By: Jenny Evans
Published: May 2007

"Everyone is asked to help ... by literally signing up and accepting responsibility."

Alpha reunited

My Perfect Moment

By: Alpha Bah
Published: October 2002

"My heart had become heavy and full of joy." Alpha fled from Sierra Leone during the Civil War, and was forced to leave his wife and two children behind. He thought he would never see them again.

Lots of money!

Dream Job

By: Joseph Quirk
Published: March 2007

"Wouldn't it be nice if all dreams came true?"


Never Too Old to Learn Something New

By: Catherine Collins
Published: March 2007

"Always promised myself I would return to education one day."

Javen and Darryl

I Never Realised

By: Darryl Williams
Published: June 2007

"Sometimes the things we think we don't want, are the ones we need the most."

house painted on driftwood

My Life as a Winklepicker

By: Gill Ogden
Published: July 2006

"We ate crabs, borrowed potatoes, and winkles." A shoebox story by Gill Ogden created in Aberystwyth's July 2006 workshop.

James Lusted

Three Foot Seven

By: James Lusted
Published: May 2007

"I won the Junior Sports Personality award for three years on the row."



By: Gillian Thomas
Published: 30 November 2007

"Homesickness is too weak; you feel hiraeth." Gillian Thomas went away to live and found that hiraeth drew her back to Treorchy.

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