From ants to zebras - have a look through our collection of your digital stories about our furry friends.

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Penguin Memories

By: Susan Richardson, December 2002

"How come they have wings but can't fly?" Susan is fascinated by penguins. Even though she has been on countless journeys throughout the world, there is one parade that is still vivid in her mind.

My Dog Mali

My Dog Mali

By: Tomas Smith, March 2007

"Mali is a very sneaky dog, she likes stealing things while we're not looking."

an old tooth

What Will The Neighbours Think?

By: Steve S, December 2005

"I found it in the garden whilst watering the plants."

Circus Freak Dog?

A Circus Freak Accident

By: Arfon Jones, March 2003

"My attention was directed elsewhere ... to a large, red kennel." Arfon Jones, who had a freak accident while visiting the circus as a child, has recollections of the event that still haunts him.

Tiger the cat


By: Chloe Driscoll, September 2005

"The pale brown kitten became a lion cub, then a phoenix." Chloe recalls the story of how she came to be the owner of her pet cat, Tiger.

black greyhound


By: Chris Kinsey, June 2007

"I'd pretend that the dog on the sign jumped down and came with me."


Due South

By: Hazel Roberts, June 2004

"I had already found out what wind chill really means." The temptation to p... p... pick up a penguin is all too much for Hazel.

Sonia Jones

A Remarkable Trip

By: Sonia Jones, June 2005

"I definitely found myself a new friend that day." Sonia met some interesting personalities in New Zealand.

a toy monkey

My Golden Monkey

By: Shukre S, December 2005

"Through the post came a dancing monkey from my sister." Shukre's digital story made at a primary school workshop with BBC Capture Wales.

Tanushree and Pluto

The Dog Effect

By: Tanushree Tiwari, March 2007

"The coming of this bundle of joy changed me."

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