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Everyone has a story to tell. All over Wales, people are making Digital Stories about real-life experiences and each story is as individual as the person who made it. Each Digital Story is made by the storyteller themself, using his or her own photos, words and voice.

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One size fits all

One Size Only

By: Abi Lasebikan, October 2004

"Size does not indicate how big a person you are." Abi is 4'6" and her brother is 6'2" but, for her, being short is highly satisfactory.


Do Your Own Thing

By: Mark Jefferies, July 2004

"Father-in-laws - there ought to be caveats and clauses." Mark and his father-in-law are poles apart with very different personalities.


Penguin Memories

By: Susan Richardson, December 2002

"How come they have wings but can't fly?" Susan is fascinated by penguins. Even though she has been on countless journeys throughout the world, there is one parade that is still vivid in her mind.

James Lusted

Three Foot Seven

By: James Lusted, May 2007

"I won the Junior Sports Personality award for three years on the row."

Aunty Nellie's wise words

A Time to Dream

By: Mohammad Tahla, March 2003

"There now don't make a fuss - it is a trick for all of us." Listen to Tahla's tales as he scrolls through his life's story and you might discover the trick that's in us all.

Alice's painting

Glimpses of a Flying Dream

By: Alice Cheung, September 2002

"I felt worthless and oppressed." Alice Cheung tells us how her Buddhist faith has helped during her setbacks.

Spiritual Stone

Stones and Scones

By: Sarah Eyles, January 2005

"Everyone leaves a legacy, some of which is seen and some unseen." Ancient sites, plotting key lines and number patterns; for Sarah they all provide a connection to the past.


Which Witch?

By: Neil Fitzgerald, July 2003

"As for the eye of the newt and leg of toad theory - scrap it!" Neil is fascinated by the contemporary world of witches and pagans.

young Indian girl


By: Lal Lourie, October 2001

"Namaste is both a greeting and a yoga posture." Lal's a writer, Reiki practitioner and director of Namaste Productions.

Jenny smiling


By: Jenny McGregor, November 2003

"God loves me. He loves me even if sometimes I don't love Him." Jenny gives us an insight into why she feels so passionate about God.

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About Capture Wales

Capture Wales is the BBC's award-winning Digital Storytelling project which came out of a partnership formed in 2001 between BBC Wales and Cardiff University.

BBC Capture Wales ran monthly workshops from 2001 - February 2008, facilitating people in the making of their digital stories. In this section you can watch the wealth of stories that were created on workshops during that period.

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