The Dog Effect

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"The coming of this bundle of joy changed me."


This digital story includes language which some people might find offensive.

"I was an irresponsible kid, who took nothing seriously. But the coming of this bundle of joy changed me.

My parents hated animals. They were happy handling just my brother and me in the house. But after months of convincing, they allowed me to keep a dog.

Pluto arrived and transformed me into a responsible girl who would do anything to keep that little life content. I fed him, picked up his shit and could wake up all night to make sure he was comfortable.

My parents were happy. Finally they accepted him as a part of the family. It was because something very positive was happening to their daughter. I was not only nurturing him with full commitment, but had also started taking other relations very seriously. I started respecting my parents more and acknowledged their love and sacrifice for me.

And then, I came to Cardiff to study all alone. I missed my family but I missed Pluto even more. But soon I met these wonderful flatmates who became a second family to me. And before I could know, I was cooking for them, taking care of their health and scolding them like their own mothers. 'Mommy' is what they started calling me.

It amazes me how an animal helped discover the motherly instincts in me. And thanks to him, now I have two families rather than one. And who knows maybe I am ready for a third one too."

By: Tanushree Tiwari
Published: March 2007

An interview with the author

Please tell us a little about yourself.
I am a 21 year old Indian studying at Cardiff University. I belong to a traditional and simple Indian family. From my childhood, I have always been an ardent dog lover. The beauty of the relationships between humans and animals amazes me and that is what inspired me for the story I did.

What's your story about?
My story is about my dog and me. It's about how he touched my life and changed me for good. My family was never fond of dogs and they allowed me to keep one, for my happiness. And I knew it for a fact that the way I love animals and understand their love, I would be able to introduce my family to that beautiful world, through a pet dog. And yes, I was successful. My dog is as much a part of my family now, as a I am.

Why did you choose to tell this particular story?
I chose this story because it talks about something that happened in my life at an apt stage. It changed my personality and made me a more caring and loving person. And as I always say, it made me discover the motherly instincts in me. I wanted to tell people through the medium of this story that a pet is not just a pet, it can mean life to someone. People keep looking for love at all the wrong places but never pay attention to the love that is waiting for them at home and gives them the warmest welcome of what even a human can give.

What did you find most rewarding about the workshop?
This workshop introduced me to an all new way of communicating and now, I can see photographs in different perspectives. Being a journalism graduate, I have always been marvelled with the magic of words, but this workshop made me realize the power of pictures.

Your comments

"Your story about pluto is really good, it reminds me of when i got my dog and how much work she was when we first got her,but it brought out the motherly instincts that i didnt know i had. i very much enjoyed it. great job!"
Amanda from ontario, Canada

"tanu happy for u and i feel we were partly responsible for u adopting pluto and so are doubly happy for u and ur family. Yes u are and seem ready for a third family! Great going go ahead and u'll surely find happiness like the one u gave jolie."
mala kumar india.

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