An Eye in Wrexham

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"I started off by walking around Wrexham just trying to get ideas." Stewart spends a moment having a good look at Wrexham.


"Well my name is Stewart MacKellar. I started off by walking around Wrexham just trying to get ideas, my interests and what jumped out at me and I came across a bike shop cos my main interest is mountain-biking, Yeah, I go up to Llandegla on a mountain-bike track. I've mountain-biked for about 3 years and I've been like over Wales and I go over jumps and go round burns and just get a really big adrenalin rush out of it. I really enjoy it.

I was going through a little market in Wrexham and I saw this Scottish flag and I thought that was perfect, my nationality, you know. I found this little horse. I felt like a 3 year old and I decided to start rocking on it and have a good time (laughs).

The colour yellow is like totally different because there wasn't any interest, so I thought, quite literally, I caught things that are yellow. The double yellow lines, I mean, they're everywhere, everyone knows it. And I wanted to play with people's minds a bit and so I cut out the word yellow in a different colour other than yellow. Cut it out in green and then put it on to orange background - that's interesting - that's not yellow - (laughs) and you're reading.

For some reason I came across a lot of like rectangular square shapes. So I came across this gate, it was like a layered gate. Also, the same effect with the pictures from the market. That looked really good.

I went into a traditional like pub in Wrexham. I saw this Welsh flag just above this old lady sitting there, just having her afternoon pint. Quite a lot of people smoke in Wrexham I notice so I got an old ash tray off the top of a bin and I took like fag butt ends, and lined up quite an interesting balance and I thought it looked quite like a street as well. I don't have any connection to it because I don't smoke or anything but I just think that works really well.

I really like seeing people's reactions to my work."

By: Stewart MacKellar
Published: May 2007

Your comments

"I really like the picture of the layered fence! pretty neat. Overall you story was alright."
Jenn from Canada.

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