The Halloween Party

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"Good friends will always be there, even if they do come dressed as Spiderman."


"I threw a Halloween Party for my eighteenth birthday. There were sweets and treats, cobwebs and spiders, banners, balloons, a DJ and fancy dress. (Music) The Halloween classics pumped over the speakers and we drank and danced all evening. There was the excitement and anticipation to see who would arrive next and what would they be wearing. My friends dressed up as devils and witches and really made an effort to make the night special. (Music ends) Some came in school uniform and clubbing gear, so if no-one else dressed up they could say they had come from school or didn't know it was fancy dress. Oddly enough, these are the ones I've lost contact with.

Soon it was eleven and the party came to an end. My friends made their way out into the night. Exams passed, university loomed and many of us moved away. Oxford, Bristol, Swansea, even France and Austria called. I gained new friends at Uni but lost many of my oldest ones. Some went far away and are still my closest friends while some still live in the village but we've lost touch.

Four years later, same day, same venue, I did it all again. The costumes had changed, the numbers had dwindled, some new faces, some old, some changed. It was then I realised that a good friend is one who will painstakingly craft Madonna cones at the mere whiff of a fancy dress party. People change and people move on but good friends will always be there, even if they do come dressed as spider man."

By: Sian Wright
Published: July 2005

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