There is nothing more frightening than Active Ignorance

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"February 15th, 2003, I took to the streets and marched." Paula tells the story of her trip to London.


"So we marched - Feb 15 2003. I took to the streets and marched.

I believed we could make a difference. We marched together, parades of people buzzing with hope and fear. A warm optimism overcame me and I actually believed we could change things ... couldn't we? After September 11th I felt the world was different What happened in Afghanistan angered and appalled me and now they wanted to do the same to Iraq? I had to do something, anything, before it was too late and I wasn't alone.

I thought they would have to listen if millions of people around the globe stood up to to voice their opinions. I felt we were doing something worthwhile, something good. But no matter how far we marched along those crowded streets, no matter how long we sat on the road at Piccadilly Circus in the cold surrounded by uniforms; no matter how often we marched in other parts of the country; in the end it's governments who wage war and Britain still invaded Iraq.

Now I know they didn't listen, still don't listen to me, to us, to their daughters, their sons, parents, grandparents - so what was the point? War will continue. The world hasn't changed. But at least I was there and at least I tried. We have to keep trying. Without hope, what is there?"

By: Paula Symon
Published: July 2005

Your comments

"More people now than ever before, like Paula, like myself, like so many people of our generation, feel the corruption in the World. Nothing has changed, 2 world wars, is the World a better place? The way the world works at the moment does not deliver the things we want. We will change things so that all of us can decide for ourselves how to run our lives, and share the resources of our communities so that we all benefit. We can live together as ONE people - as ONE beautiful human race, undivided by country, race, religion or heritage - if only people were more AWARE of the natural beauty, the joy, the life that is EQUAL in every human being - in all life. After all we actually share 'ONE' consciousness and we all co-create our reality. Thankyou for the wonderful article/story Paula, inspiring. Namaste. "
James Williams from Neath.

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