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Find more digital stories from the UK and around the world.

BBC Projects

Cipolwg ar Gymru
Welsh-language digital stories - sister site to Capture Wales.

Video Nation
Watch video diaries online that were first shown on BBC TV.

PS - Problem Shared
Stories shared by young people about issues in their everyday lives.

Ongoing projects

Digital Storytelling Cymru Network
Social networking site promoting Digital Storytelling in Wales and beyond ...

Center for Digital Storytelling
Based in Berkeley, California. Pioneers of digital storytelling.

Creative Narrations
Pioneering American story website that uses QuickTime format and covers a range of topics from motherhood through softball to church.

Nordic digital storytelling project. Pages and stories in Swedish with English translations.

Digital Fortelling
Norwegian digital storytelling project with English translations.

Formerly Journal E, Musarium presents firsthand accounts of American stories in Flash, QuickTime, Shockwave and other formats. Click on the Video and Media Lab links for movies, and Photo for still images.

Us Mob
Interactive story website following the lives of Aboriginal teenagers.

Technical advice

Digital Storytelling Tutorial
From start to finish, Daniel Meadows guides you through the process of making your own digital story with this on-line tutorial. Click on 'Digital Storytelling Tutorial'. There are guides to scripting, working in the video timeline and playing your project out to master tape. You can also watch some of Daniel Meadows' digital stories here.

Suggested technical resource lists for PC and Mac, plus hardware checklists. Also digital stories project galleries and links.

Aberth Digital Storytelling
News from Wales about digital storytelling, media literacy and practical tips. A blog by a Gareth Morlais, a former Capture Wales team member.

Free tutorials on Photobus - An Adventure in Documentary Photography by Daniel Meadows

Publish your stories

There are a variety of websites where you can upload and publish your digital stories. For example, Ourmedia, Current TV and YouTube all accept submissions, and some provide a home-page facility where you can store your work.

Mythical stories from the Indigenous Australia Project, mainly narrated straight to camera.

Next Exit
The late Dana Atchley was one of the pioneers of digital storytelling. You can watch his movies here in the digital drive-in.

Educational resources

Digital Storytelling Education
UK site supporting digital stories within education - stories, resources and links.

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
Articles and resources about digital stories in education.

Helen C Barrett's Digital Storytelling site
Educational material and links to world-wide digital storytelling sites.

Further interest

British Pathe
British Pathe's short newsreels were well known in cinemas from 1910-1970. Today, Pathe are in the process of digitising their archive and making low-resolution clips available on the web for free.

The Elements of Digital Storytelling
Project by the University of Minnesota looking at what makes a digital story work.

Holding Tank
A piece of work by artist Philip Walker - another way of telling a story.

One World TV
Video clip reportage of the stories we don't often see on TV. Site visitors are invited to contribute and there is a useful set of technical guides to making short films.

Digital storytelling grapevine in the form of a web log by Scott Rosenberg. A good place to go to find the latest digital storytelling news and links.

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