About your video

Last updated: 18 August 2009

Your Video is an exhibition site for showcasing real-life stories made by people from across Wales. This is drawn from two new media projects which give people the skills to make their own short films: Digital Storytelling and Video Nation.

Digital Stories are short, personal, multimedia scraps of TV that people make for themselves. They're 'mini-movies' made on home computers where recorded spoken narratives are edited with scans of personal photographs. BBC Wales have worked with hundreds of individuals and groups to make their own stories.

Digital Storytelling workshops are held all over Wales, where people from all walks of life come together to tell their story with the help of laptop computers, scanners, digital cameras and editing software. The resulting stories are touching, amusing and often surprising.

Digital Storytelling projects featured on this site include Breaking Barriers, BBC Capture Wales, Coleg Sir Gâr, Dimension 10, Sarah's stories, Shoebox Stories, School Shoebox Stories, Who Do You Think You Are? and Yale College.

BBC Capture Wales ran monthly workshops across Wales, helping people to make digital stories between 2001 - February 2008. This site features digital stories made on Capure Wales workshops during that time.

Video Nation works with people to make short films by training individuals in the use of camcorders and storytelling. Films feature individuals sharing moments of their lives with the camera, and range from the humorous to the bizarre and moving.

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