How do apps, devices and TVs capture my data?

Page updated: 23 September 2016

Any BBC apps you download to your mobile or TV can access certain data on your device.

Some data gets collected automatically, like:

  • The types of mobile device you’re using
  • A “unique identifier” (like the device ID or an IP address)
  • Info about how our apps are being used.

This lets the app remember you and give you whatever content you’ve asked for. For example, the BBC Weather app asks to use your device’s location to give you local weather.

How do apps capture my data?

To be on the safe side...

Make sure you read the permissions section of any app before you download it. It’s the best way of understanding exactly what data it will capture.

Apps may store info on your device too

For instance, if you download a programme in the iPlayer mobile app, it’ll get stored on your device.

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