What are child permissions?

Page updated: 10 December 2018

Child permissions help you keep your child safe, by putting you in control of what they can and can’t do on BBC children’s websites. Setting permissions lets you do things like:

Give permission for your child to comment on BBC children's website

This is so they can post comments on BBC children’s websites. We moderate comments before they’re published, to make sure they follow our House Rules.

Turn personalisation on or off

If you allow personalisation, your child will be able to get personalised recommendations about things we think they'll like, and pick up shows and games where they left off.

Turn notifications on or off

If you allow notifications, we’ll let your child know when there's something new from any programmes, music artists or playlists they've added.

Let your child upload pictures, videos and audio

Your child can send us pictures, videos and digital creations for other children to see. Each time they send something in, we’ll check it looks fine to use.

We’ll also automatically notify you so you can change your mind on a case-by-case basis - so keep an eye out for these emails. Then we might publish it on the website or show it on the telly, for example.

Rest assured, we protect your child’s information - you can read our Privacy Notice for when children upload things on the BBC.

Bear in mind

Children can’t manage child permissions themselves. So if you want them to be able to, say, comment on CBBC, you’ll need to set the permission for them.

Also, any changes you make to child permissions may take an hour or so to come into effect. To speed things up, your child can sign out and sign back in again.

Find out how to set up or manage child permissions

Can I see what my child is reading, watching or listening to on the BBC?

No, we don’t provide a way for you to see how your child is using the BBC. But you can control what children in your household watch on BBC iPlayer by using its parental controls.

Find out how parental controls work

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