How do I change my password?

Page updated: 19 September 2016

1. First, make sure you’re signed in to your BBC account.

2. Then, on any BBC website, click the “Your account” icon at the top of the page. (If you’ve got a display name, it’ll show your display name, not “Your account”). It’s in the navigation bar, near your web browser’s address bar.

3. Choose “Settings” and you’ll be taken to your personal details.

4. On the “Personal details” screen, click “Edit” next to your password and enter a new one. You'll need to enter your current password so we know it's you.

5. Then click "Save and continue".

6. Remember to use your new password the next time you sign in to the BBC.

Can't remember your current password?

You'll have to reset it. Find out how in "I'm having problems with my password".

Under 13?

Sorry, but you can’t reset your password if you’ve forgotten it. Instead you’ll need to register for a new BBC account.

Be sure to remember your password this time, but don't write it down anywhere in case someone finds it.

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