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24 September 2014

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Follow Bruce as he films his next series exploring the greatest river on Earth.
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Bruce Parry - Presenter

Take a look at the second video of Bruce's outtakes.
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Series 3

The Matis Tribe - 21-08-07

Explorer Bruce Parry travels to the Amazon rainforest to live with the Matis, a tribe once devastated by western disease. They are determined to preserve their culture and they teach Bruce how to be a good hunter.

» Preview the Matis episode

» Exclusive: Matis boat crash

» Matis clip: eye drops

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The Nenets Tribe - 28-08-07

In the frozen tundra of northern Siberia live the Nenet reindeer herders. Explorer Bruce Parry spends a month with a Nenet brigade as they carry out their winter migration, travelling hundreds of miles as temperatures drop to minus forty.

» Preview: Nenets episode

» Nenets clip: reindeer pee

» Nenets exclusive: gift giving

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The Anuta Tribe - 04-09-07

Bruce Parry sails to the island of Anuta, a tiny, remote tropical outpost in the South Pacific. It is one of the most isolated communities on earth. To the western eye it looks like paradise - white beaches, turquoise sea, swaying palm trees. But is there such a thing as paradise on Earth?

» Preview: Anuta episode

» Exclusive: The researcher's life

» Anuta clip:  Welcome

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The Akie Tribe - 11-09-07

Bruce Parry lives with the Akie people of Tanzania, one of the last groups of hunter-gatherers to live on the African savannah. Bruce is forced to face his biggest fear and put his hands into a bees' nest to gather wild honey.

» Preview: Akie episode

» Akie clip: Snuff

» Akie exclusive: Malaria

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The Layap Tribe - 18-09-07

Bruce Parry treks into the high mountains in the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, to live with the isolated Layap people. They are devout Buddhists and yak herders, cut off from the outside world for half the year by deep snow. This is a spiritual journey for Bruce as he tries to understand the life of a devout Buddhist.

» Preview: Layap episode

» Exclusive: Crew camp

» Layap clip:  Wheel of existence

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The Penan Tribe - 25-09-07

Bruce Parry treks into the jungles of Sarawak, Borneo in search of the last nomadic Penan. The Penan are hunter-gatherers whose forest home is in the process of being cut down around them. Their traditional way of life is about to disappear forever.

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Series 2

The Nyangatom Tribe - 16-07-06

Explorer Bruce Parry returns to Africa on a three-month expedition, living with remote peoples he meets on his journey. His first stay is with a tribe of feared warriors, and he sets out to discover what they've done to deserve their fearsome reputation.

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The Hamar Tribe - 23-07-06

Explorer Bruce Parry continues his three-month expedition through a remote African valley. This week he stays with a tribe famous for their rituals, where men prove themselves by jumping over a line of cattle.

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The Dassanech Tribe - 30-07-06

Explorer Bruce Parry concludes his three-month expedition through a remote African valley, living by a lake shore and taking part in a traditional crocodile hunt.

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Series 1

The Adi Tribe - 05-01-05

Explorer Bruce Parry spends six weeks living with the remote Adi people of Arunachal Pradesh in the Himalayas. The Adi were once feared as ruthless warriors. They have been cut off from the rest of the world for centuries, but Bruce learns to live as they do, hunting, eating rats and taking part in sacrificial rituals.

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The Suri Tribe - 10-01-05

For the Suri people of Ethiopia, ritualised violence is a way of life through extraordinary stick-fighting festivals. But explorer Bruce Parry finds that the rule of the gun is killing their ancient traditions.

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The Kombai Tribe - 17-01-05

The jungles of Papua were once famed for their head-hunters and cannibals. Explorer Bruce Parry travels to live with the Kombai people to discover whether cannibalism is still part of their lives.

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The Babongo Tribe - 24-01-05

To become men, the Babongo people of Gabon take a powerful hallucenogen that sends them on a life-threatening, three day trip. Explorer Bruce Parry undergoes the initiation and finds it has some terrifying side effects.

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The Darhad Tribe - 31-01-05

The Darhad herders of Outer Mongolia are some of the last nomadic people on the planet. Explorer Bruce Parry joins a family for their arduous winter migration. He finds the going tough as he helps them herd their three hundred animals across a high mountain pass.

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The Sanema Tribe - 07-02-05

The remote Sanema people of the Venezuelan Amazon inhabit a universe full of powerful spirits and ancestors. Explorer Bruce Parry lives with the tribe, eats the same food as them and takes part in a dramatic shamanistic festival.

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