1. A259 Kent Both ways

    Incident type: disruption
    Between Rye Road Brookland
    And Camber Road East Guldeford
    A259 Kent - A259 blocked in both directions between the Rye Road junction in Brookland and the Camber Road junction in East Guldeford, because of an overturned vehicle.
  2. A272 West Sussex Both ways

    Incident type: accident
    Between A24 Worthing Road Horsham
    And A281 Brook Hill Cowfold
    A272 West Sussex - A272 in Horsham blocked in both directions between Buckbarn Crossroads and Coach House Roundabout, because of an accident.
  3. A24 West Sussex Northbound

    Incident type: accident
    At Knob Hill Warnham
    A24 West Sussex - Lane closed on A24 Dorking Road northbound in Warnham at the Knob Hill junction, because of an accident involving 2 cars.
  4. A24 West Sussex Eastbound

    Incident type: congestion
    Between A264 Horsham
    And B2237 Warnham Road Warnham
    A24 West Sussex - Long delays on A24 eastbound in Horsham between Broadbridge Heath Roundabout and Robin Hood Roundabout.