Which healthcare professionals will I meet as a parent?

When you become a parent, you will likely meet a number of different healthcare workers. But, until you meet them all, it can be hard to know what each one does and what their role is in helping to care for your baby.

Here are some quick video guides to some of the people you might meet on your parenting journey.


Community midwife Kelly Sawyer explains her role and what parents can expect from their midwife visits.


What does a sonographer do? How many scans can you expect and what are sonographers looking out for?

Matt Anderson explains about his role and answers these questions.

Health Visitor

Health visitor Sarah Heaney, who works in Stockport, explains her role and what she does to help parents.

Hearing Screener

Jocelin Bentil explains how she tests newborns' hearing to pick up early on anything that might affect their speech and language abilities.

Speech and Language Therapist

Speech and language therapist Janet Cooper explains what an SLT does, how a normal appointment for her goes and what you should do if you think you need to see an SLT.

Early Years' Practitioner

Early years practitioners can be found in a number of places including nurseries, children's centres and schools.

Jamel Campbell, an early years educator explains his role.

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