Fun at the supermarket with baby

Full of brightly coloured things like fruit and vegetables, supermarkets are a great learning environment for your little one.

Check the video for some ideas to have foody fun while on the go.

Why chat to baby at the supermarket?

  • The supermarket is full of colourful and exciting new things for baby to learn about like fruits, vegetables and other items
  • Tasks like shopping allow your toddler to hear everyday words in simple sentences
  • You can introduce them to the names of the different items as well as words for textures and shapes

Things to do at the supermarket with baby

As you pick up items to place in your trolley, show them to your baby and name them. Say the name in a simple sentence 'An apple, let's put the apple in the trolley'.

If it's safe to do so, hand your baby the items so that they can hold them and feel their textures. Describe the items for baby, using words for their shapes or textures, like 'smooth' or 'bumpy'.

You could try giving baby a choice of two pieces of fruit to hold - 'would you like an apple or a pear?'.

Involving baby in daily routines

There are all sorts of routines that can play a part in your baby's daily language learning.

If it's safe, try giving them the items to hold and place in the trolley.

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