How to put on a Tiny Happy People session

Putting on your own Tiny Happy People event can be easy. Just follow our step-by-step guide on how to create a fun, chatty, happy event for the parents, carers and little people in your own community

Why host an event?

Hosting your own Tiny Happy People event gives you the opportunity to introduce our website to the people who could benefit from it most. It's also a great chance to get stuck into our resources and show parents and carers just a few of the fun activities that they can play with their baby.

Where should I hold the session?

Anyone who runs a playgroup can run a Tiny Happy People event. You might be a community group, a library or a family centre. These resources will help you introduce your parents and carers to some fun activities that help develop their little ones speech and language skills.

How will people find out about the event?

Download and print out our Tiny Happy People invite template. Just fill in the date, time and location and post them on local notice boards or hand them out to parents and carers!

We also offer social media assets for you to download and share on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages to get the word out and show off your event.

Make sure to print off the activity sheets for parents and carers to take home at the end of the event to remind them of all the fun games you played.

What activities could we do?

Our website is packed with simple, fun activities that encourage parents and carers to chat, play and bond with their baby. We've come up with a list of some of our favourite games to play in a group that will get your little ones chatting! Find video links to our chosen activities as well as printable activity sheets below!

Using Tiny Happy People stay and play resources - advice for leaders
Teddy talking
Obstacle courses
Let's make noise
Let's build!
What's in the bag?

If you're looking for more activities to try then explore our activities page here to filter by the age of your baby group!

Have you put on your own Tiny Happy People session?

Tell us about it!

We would love to know how your sessions went, make sure to take lots of photos and tag @BBCTinyHappyPeople on your Instagram.

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