DIY ribbon pull toy for babies

Preparation time

less than 15 minutes

You will need:

• An empty crisp tube

• Some ribbon or shoelaces

• Scissors

(Optional) Coloured paper or paint, for decoration

This ribbon pull toy is a really easy and fun way to help develop your baby's motor skills.

A baby has 27 bones and 34 muscles in their hand and this toy is great way to help your little one learn how to use them.

At first, your baby might struggle to grab or pull the bits of ribbon. But if you offer to help and show them how it's done, they'll not only improve their pincer grip but their focus too.

How to make a ribbon pull toy

Step 1

Cut several random holes in your crisp tube using scissors.

Make sure you have enough holes for how ever many ribbons or shoelaces you're using.

Step 2

Feed your ribbons or shoelaces through one hole and out the other.

Don't pull them too far, or else they might fall out of the first hole.

Step 3

Tie knots into the end of each ribbon.

If possible, try to use double knots as they are less likely to come undone when you're playing.

Step 4

Ready...steady...pull! It's time to play with your toy.

If you're feeling creative, you can decorate the outside of the tube with paint or coloured paper.

Important safety advice

  • Keep and eye on your little one at all times during craft activities and playtime. Remember to keep small and sharp objects out of baby's reach.

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