How to look out for your child's mental health

What can parents do to help ensure their children's mental wellbeing? Midwife Dilan Chauhan puts the question to child mental health specialist Dr Pooky Knightsmith.

Pooky offers practical advice to help children feel safe, secure and comfortable talking about their feelings.

If you are concerned about your child's mental health, you could try speaking to your GP or health visitor. You could also visit the BBC Action Line page to find organisations that can offer more information and advice.

YoungMinds and Place2Be offer help and support for parents who may be worried about their children's mental health.

A mum walking a little girl in a pram as her older brother cycles alongside with a crash helmet on.

The first thing parents can do to help children's wellbeing is to create a safe environment. This means feeling safe both physically and emotionally. Consistency and predictability help.

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