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13 November 2014

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Rob Smedley and Felipe Massa

Rob Smedley and Felipe Massa

"Felipe baby, stay cool"

Teesside Ferrari Engineer Rob Smedley has become an internet star after his radio coversation with Felipe Massa.

Ferrari Engineer Rob Smedley has become an internet star, after radio conversations between him and Ferrari driver Felipe Massa were turned into a song.

Rob, from Teesside, fell in love with the sport at the age of eleven, and is now the man who has helped Ferrari's Felipe Massa find his form this season.

During the rain affected Malaysian Grand Prix, Massa shouted on the pit radio for a new visor. As the Brazillian driver became more anxious, Rob replied "Felipe baby, stay cool".

The radio exchange has been viewed by more than 23,000 people on YouTube, and has also been turned into a song.

Speaking to BBC Tees from the Ferrari factory in Italy, Rob said he had been receiving letters from fans about the radio message.

This is the first year that Ferrari radio messages have been made public, after new FIA regulations. The Chief Engineer said it showed how Ferrari's conversations were "a little bit less than formal sometimes".

The Ferrari team are currently ninth in the constructors championship, having had one of their worst starts to a Grand Prix season, with driver Felipe Massa yet to score a point.

Team President Luca Di Montezemolo has blamed Ferrari's "presumptuous approach" for the run of bad results. Rob said upgrades to the car were on the way and should be ready for the next race in Barcelona. 

The Teessider said despite the setback Massa had achieved some "outstanding performances," which had gone relatively unnoticed.   

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You are in: Tees > People > We Are Teesside > "Felipe baby, stay cool"

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