BBC Young Reporter: A guide to keeping your news safe and legal

The downloadable guide below outlines the issues you should consider when taking part in BBC Young Reporter and before publishing any students' or young person’s work.

The guide covers safeguarding, legal pitfalls, taste and decency, copyright, privacy and social media.

Quick summary:

  • Safeguarding: no surnames
  • Taste and decency: don’t report anything which makes you uncomfortable
  • Defamation: report the facts, not rumours
  • Criminal law: avoid crime stories
  • Copyright: only use your own photos, music etc
  • Privacy: ask yourself 'If that were me, would I want it recorded and broadcast?'
  • Social media: this is a core part of journalism and story sharing now but it’s also a potential minefield. A key thing to remember is that social media accounts are for people aged 13 and over.

Download - Keeping Your News Safe and Legal PDF

A guide to keeping your news safe and legal
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