BBC Young Reporter Competition 2022

Please note that the BBC Young Reporter Competition is now closed.

It is an opportunity for 11-18 year-olds to report on a story or issue that is important to their life or the world around them – it could be a personal story or related to the experience of family, friends or community, or about an issue or experience particularly relevant to young people.

This is the fourth year of the competition, giving young people across the UK a unique chance to tell their story on TV, radio, online or on social media with the help of BBC journalists, producers and programme makers.

Story ideas should be submitted online HERE before the closing date, Sunday 27 March 2022.

The most original and interesting stories will be put in front of a panel of presenters, reporters, senior editors and producers from programmes and platforms such as Newsbeat, Newsround, The One Show, BBC Sport and across BBC News.

Stories should be about an issue or a personal experience or insight which has not been widely reported about before or brings a new and unique angle to a subject. The judges will select the most original and powerful story suggestions, which will then be made with the winning entrants and broadcast by the BBC.

There will be national and regional winners so there are plenty of opportunities for story ideas from across the UK to be shared with BBC audiences!

BBC Young Reporter Competition 2022 - Downloadable poster

How to enter

To enter simply use this form to send us an outline of what your story idea is – you can either write, record or film yourself telling us about this.

You don’t need to worry too much about the style or the format at this stage – we don’t want the finished report, just an outline of what it is about and why you think the story should be reported.

There is just one story category: Me and My World.

A story suggestion could be anything about your life, or the experiences or your friends, family or the community you live in. Or it can be about an issue or topic that impact you or is particularly relevant to other young people.

The story has to be original. It can be about you, your friends or family, or someone in the wider area in which you live. You need to show how your report on this story can reflect the wider situation, not just your own experience of it.

Entries can be made by an individual or as a group.

Shortlisting and judging will be done in two age categories: 11-15 and 16-18 years old.

Stories will not be broadcast until all judging is completed, so the idea still needs to be interesting and relevant after June 2022.

All stories which reach the shortlist stage will be checked prior to final judging to make sure they are factually true, accurate and legally sound. So make sure yours is!

Parent/guardian permission is needed to enter.

Stories will be judged on editorial merit – that means the strength of story, originality, and the personal story or background around it. Judges will be looking for a range of diverse stories from across the UK.

The rules for the competition are here.

The privacy notice which tells you how we will use your information is here.

You can also apply to the BBC Young Reporter Competition in Welsh here.

Tips for entering

Remember we are looking for original story ideas about an issue or a personal experience or insight which has not been widely reported about before or about a topic not usually broadcast on the BBC. They must be factually true.

Entries should explain why you think you reporting the story or issue will bring a unique perspective to it but also how you would widen your report to look at the issues around the subject.

You need to answer the following question: Why you want to share your story and why you think it is interesting for a wider audience. This gives us a bit of background about why you think the BBC should tell this story and why you particularly want to help report.

Don’t forget news stories do not have to be negative! Perhaps you have an uplifting story suggestion which is inspiring and upbeat about you or someone you know who has bought a positive change to another person’s life or about something uplifting happening in your local community you think should be reported on?

Also remember we don’t need a finished story or report, it is just the outline of your story suggestion and information about the idea we want to hear about – so don’t worry too much about how it is written or recorded.

To help inspire you here are some of the stories from previous BBC Young Reporter Competitions winners:

Ben’s story, produced with BBC Sport, reflects the reality of being a football apprentice and the impact it can have on players’ mental health.

Neha produced a report about a campaign to prevent the redevelopment of allotments and green space in her local area.

Zoe reported about her personal experience of bereavement and the impact this can have on taking exams.

Hazel highlighted the lack of diversity in the Scottish school curriculum.

Shireen shared her experience of how the coronavirus lockdown changed her relationship with her dad – in a positive way!

Hannah’s report is about how she and other young people played a part supporting their community at the start of the pandemic.

Football referee Ryan reported on the abuse he receives from players and spectators.

Morgan reported about upskirting.

Jake, Elliot and Jed shared their story about campaigning for a local skateboard park.

Zoe produced a story with BBC Breakfast and Newsround talking about life with dwarfism.

Salma loves football but not everyone respected her right to play. She told her story about overcoming barriers to inspire other girls to get into the sport.

Annabelle shared her experience of having the menopause as a teenager.

You can see and hear all last year’s stories here.