Culture in the countryside: top ten places to take your kids

Art in the great outdoors

Stuck for things to do with the kids during the summer break?

Want to stimulate their minds with a slice of art and culture?

You don't necessarily need to spend time indoors at art galleries or museums. A lot of Britain's most inspiring art can actually be found in our amazing landscape.

Some of this art is called 'land art' because it's made from the most basic natural materials like dirt, rocks and trees. Land art might inspire you and your family to think differently about the world you see around you every day. But exploring art in the outdoors doesn’t only stimulate the mind – it also allows you to get some fresh air and exercise at the same time.

So where can you find great outdoor art in Britain?

Yorkshire Sculpture Park invites visitors to explore artworks spread over 500 acres.

Top art spots in the UK

Check out our interactive map to find some of the best land art, as well as other outdoor art exhibitions, that you can visit throughout the country.

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