WW1: What can today's soldiers learn?

The lessons of history

Over 100 years on from the start of the First World War, the British Army is learning about the conflict that shaped so much of our world today.

It's impossible to understand the conflicts of the 20th century without understanding what happened during those four and a half years between 1914 and 1918. The methods of fighting developed during the conflict set the template for warfare ever since. But for soldiers serving in conflicts 100 years on, what lessons - if any - does the First World War have to offer?

Battles that changed warfare

Napoleon would have recognised the way war was fought in 1914. But the Western Front soon became a stalemate. Both sides experimented to break the deadlock. Click or tap the image below to find out what impact the battle had on warfare.

Realities of battle

For the soldiers of the First World War, going into battle meant facing weapons that had never been seen before in war. Hear WW1 soldiers describe what it felt to go over the top.

Importance of strong bonds

Living together, working together and, in many cases, growing up together - the bond between soldiers is a crucial factor in enabling them to do their job.

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